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Star Wars: Legion and Star Wars: Shatterpoint coverage from America's Hive of Scum and Villainy! Join us as we discuss the latest news, hobby talk, and gameplay analysis from AMG's tabletop wargames.


Nov 30, 2018

After stuffing ourselves with Rogue One News and Thanksgiving meals, we jump right into our Christmas wish list, Josh breaks down his actual list for LVO, and we announce our monthly Patreon raffle winners!

Nov 21, 2018

With Thanksgiving upon us, the Outriders recorded early, and what a time to record ahead of schedule!  Fantasy Flight blessed us with a bounty of great news, confirming the Jyn Erso/Rebel Pathfinders leak AND dropping a new rules reference that fixes Key Positions and adds a a ton of insight into the...

Nov 16, 2018

We talk about whether or not Key Positions should be used in competitive play, talk about our first draft LVO lists, and finally, bust out the salt, because we got some BIG rumors.


Nov 9, 2018

We're back, and with news! Today we talk about how to field Emperor Palpatine and his Royal Crayolas, which of the newest upgrade cards is going to have the greatest impact, and how to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.