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Star Wars: Legion and Star Wars: Shatterpoint coverage from America's Hive of Scum and Villainy! Join us as we discuss the latest news, hobby talk, and gameplay analysis from AMG's tabletop wargames.


May 25, 2018

In this episode, the guys take a look at everyone's favorite leather-vest-adorned doorway squatters: the Rebel Fleet Troopers. Are they good at anything besides slowing Darth Vader and providing much needed target practice for Stormtroopers? Next we talk much is too much? And finally, what are the...

May 18, 2018

The baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy will soon be jetpacking across Star Wars Legion, and the guys are sooo ready for it. We talk about his role on the battlefield and the new possibilities of the "Operative." And not to be outdone, we take a look at the Scout Troopers, and finally analyze what the recently released...

May 11, 2018

Snowtroopers have arrived! The guys look at how to paint them, they talk about the newly revealed 3rd Leia Command card, and analyze whether or not a Grand Army tournament is a viable event.


May 4, 2018

Matt joins us live from Disney's Star Wars Weekend festivities, Josh unleashes his wrath on the Legion News-vacuum of the Hyperspace Report, and a user sends us a sneak peak of an unannounced new Legion product awaiting shipment from FFG!